Sound Bars

Method To Connect A Soundbar To TV Without ARC

Not always does your television set come with a great in-built speaker, right? Also, as years pass by, we have seen how the televisions are becoming thinner, and the speakers are becoming tinier – all thanks to the advancement of technology!

But if you want a great sound quality while watching your favorite programs or movies, then the very first option that you would pick is a soundbar. After you have it, you need to connect it to your television.

Connecting Soundbar to your TV without HDMI ARC – How?

If you are looking to connect soundbar to TV without ARC, here are some methods you can do so. What do these include? Come, let us quickly take a look at some of them mentioned below.

connect a soundbar

Digital Optical cable

If you do not have the HDMI support, you can use the Digital Optical Cable, which can transfer digital audios so that you get to enjoy a great sound experience.

Also, there are two types of cables, which include digital coaxial and digital optical. Before you go to buy a cable, make sure you know which one is the right one for you.

RCA cable

This is the cable that has been around for a very long time. So, if you intend connecting soundbar to tv without HDMI, this can be a good option for you.



But you should remember that these types of cables have analog signals so they cannot provide the lavish theatre-like surround sound experience for you.


This is the latest technology which uses wireless connectivity feature. Most of the latest televisions come with this Bluetooth feature so you can directly do your connections without any hassle.

Also, you can check out the various options available for HDMI connection for sound quality if you already have a television set that supports HDMI.