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Moving on from the Industrial Past

Nostalgia for a previous period of industrial strength has preoccupied the North-East of England for the last few decades. Does this fascination with our industrial past ultimately do us a disservice?

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From the Tuxedo Princess to Geordie Shore: Newcastle as a Party Capital

With the decline of its traditional industries in the 1970s and 1980s, Newcastle seemed to reinvent itself as a ‘Party City’. Today, the city is attempting to move away from its ‘Party City’ past. How has the city’s history unfolded in the last few decades?

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The Lost Buildings of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Why did Newcastle lose one quarter to a third of its architectural heritage in the post-war years? A simple answer is often given: T. Dan Smith, Labour leader of the City Council (1960-1965), not only destroyed significant portions of our architectural heritage for political reasons but did so while lining his own pockets. But as… Continue reading The Lost Buildings of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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Biografilm Festival 2017 Report

Biografilm Festival in Bologna, Italy, markets itself as an ‘international celebration of lives’, with an emphasis on not just the extraordinary (see Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Greenaway and Cate Blanchett) but the ordinary through fiction and documentary. The programme is filled to the brim with films by unfamiliar directors starring unfamiliar protagonists, features which may… Continue reading Biografilm Festival 2017 Report